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Gary Maddux: Rated a “Preeminent” Top 5% Lawyer by Martindale-Hubbell’s Peer Review Survey

Gary has an advanced legal degree in taxation and estate planning (Masters-in-Law  (an LLM)) who has also worked as a practicing CPA. Gary has extensive experience helping clients consider all aspects of their business, legal, tax, and estate planning needs. Gary has practiced law:

  • as an Associate General Counsel to a Fortune 200 Corporation (his practice primarily focused on buying businesses);
  • as an integral member of the management team as General Counsel with three privately held businesses (while continuing his outside practice of law with other clients); and
  • in law firm environments as outside counsel.

He has sat at the table as business and legal issues were considered, from a business perspective as well as a legal perspective, by small new startup businesses and mature well-established larger concerns. With the startup companies, given his background as a CPA, he functioned as the de facto chief financial officer. He has the experience to help identify and consider the business aspects of a transaction as well as relevant legal issues.Finally, with his estate planning background, Gary has experience integrating estate planning strategies with business opportunities by taking advantage of available, cutting edge estate planning techniques available to business owner which, under appropriate circumstances, can save significant estate taxes.

Gary can help you:

With Gary’s LLM in Taxation and Estate Taxation and experience as a business and estate planning attorney, a CPA, and his participation as a member of various company management teams, Gary is prepared to consider all relevant issues when assisting you with the foregoing matters.

If you are interested in selling your business you will want to read Gary’s Article The Legal Aspects of Selling Your Business.

This is important, I am not making a marketing statement, but I believe we are the largest small firm in Town.

Admittedly, our law firm is small and sometimes clients need assistance for complex matters beyond our normal area of practice. It is our objective to provide cutting edge representation on a cost efficient basis. If the project is too extensive for our practice, even with the resources described below, we will help the client locate strong representation.

What makes us the largest small firm around?  It’s our ready access and willingness to use outside resources to supplement our knowledge base.  We have an excellent relationship with Baker & Hostettler, a large national law firm. Through B&H we have access to attorneys with ready expertise on a vast array of subjects.  When we consult with B&H on complex issues, they provide topside assistance while we provide the bulk of the legal services at our reasonable local billing rates.

To illustrate, the physicians who practice out of St. Francis hospital engaged me to assist in the formation of their independent practice association which was to contract with Community Care, LLC. I co-counseled with an attorney practicing out of B&H’s Houston office whose practice focused on organizing IPAs and contracting with insurance companies. There is no such attorney in Tulsa.  Together, we provided cost-effective representation.  I believe that through that specialist my client received the strongest representation possible, as strong as could have been provided by any other firm in Tulsa, and with our blended rates, at much lower costs.

To further illustrate, I once encountered a very tricky issue when trying to divide an existing corporation into two separate corporations for the same owners. If you do not properly structure this transaction, the original corporation, and its shareholders, will all be fully taxed on the transaction. I had exhausted my traditional resources trying to resolve the issue.  I then consulted with B&H. The attorneys I consulted with previously worked in the Department of Treasury and were the authors of the regulations which controlled my issue. The issue was resolved with one phone call.

B&H has also been very helpful in providing topside assistance in and other complex endeavors, such as proposing optimal structures for international operations, representing clients who are participating in public roll-ups, resolving foreign bond issues, assisting in a management buy out (“MBO”) by local management of a local division, and so forth.

We only use B&H in exceptional circumstances. But when we engage them we access ready, nationally recognized legal talent. When needed, through B&H we strive to provide our clients the best representation that is available at a blended affordable rate.

Ken Wright, at Baker & Hostettler, is familiar with my work. If interested, please contact him for a reference. Visit his website for contact information.

There is no risk in discussing your questions and concerns. If you decide not to engage us, then there is no charge. Contact our office for an appointment or with your questions online, or call 918-582-8393.

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